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People Supported by Krysilis

“They assign me a job, and I do it. I’ll do any kind of job. I vacuum at the Church of Christ on Thursdays and dust. I’m pretty good at it. I’m doing more things right now. You know, it makes you feel proud.”
Steve Peters, Clarion
“I do my shopping every week. I walk. I like to walk because it’s good exercise…My friends at Krysilis told me not to worry… (I hope that we can) take people and show them what we are doing. Let the people see that we are working hard.”
Larry Nerem, Forest City
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Parents & Guardians

“They (Krysilis staff) know her as a person. It’s a great comfort knowing she’s (supported) in a good place with kind and compassionate people. I can call them anytime with questions, and they always make themselves available. I’d love to have her at home with me, but I just can’t. I have a job. It’s so important that Kim continues to have a place to live, a place where she feels comfortable and is taken care of. They also call me to let me know what’s going on. I still fee very much a part of her life.”
Maggie Wier, Colo
“What others maybe don’t understand is what an opportunity it is for parents to have these services so close, otherwise, parents face an extremely difficult choice about what to do. Do we live without services or do we send our child away? We wanted to give him opportunities to experience some things independently, and we wanted him to become familiar with Krysilis’ people and services while we are still around.”
Brad Robson, Belmond

“Just prior to (our daughter’s) placement at your facility, we were at wits end due to some serious behavior issues. We knew she was not safe in our home; however, she was being turned down (for local placement) due to her severe behavior. This (her time at Krysilis) was the beginning of an incredible transformation to get back the Katie that we knew….When Katie would come home for visits, she frequently wanted to call back to Krysilis and speak with her housemates and the staff, because they were all her friends…We saw Katie become more mature, more controlled and more confident…This made our entire family so relieved that we had found a place where she could live and thrive…We thought you needed to know how much your organization and your staff and employees salvaged our relationship with our daughter Katie. We will forever be indebted to Krysilis.”
Dave and Jan Regan, West Des Moines
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Family Members

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“Growth looks like a smile on someone’s face when realizing he or she has done something well … A few individuals I work with like to tease me and really enjoy it when I tease back. It’s positive teasing. The kind you can do when you know someone well.”
Vocational Specialist, Nevada

“I enjoy working here because I get to change lives a little bit in a positive way. So often it’s very basic, like helping them decorate their rooms: choosing colors, taking them shopping, picking out lamps and other things…You can tell how well you have done by watching faces or body language. Reactions clearly express feelings.”
Home Manager, Nevada

“Often the individuals we support don’t really know how to tell you what they are feeling. That’s why it’s important not to take anything personally. Instead, you learn to read people – facial expressions, vocal tone – you can tell if someone doesn’t feel well or is just having a down day. You can definitely tell the good days…It’s rewarding when someone says, ‘Thank you for helping me learn this.’ You see them in a whole new way.”
Vocational Supervisor, Clarion

“The work we do is very one-on-one. And it doesn’t always feel like work, because you become friends…Our staff are here for the people, making sure they don’t just get what they need, but even the things they want—the kind of things that make your day special.”
Direct Support, Belmond

“To work here, patience is #1. Initiative is big, too, and certainly it’s necessary to be personable and flexible. It’s deeply satisfying when the individuals we support are happy and progressing and doing things they want to do… I’m proud of how we work well together – all shifts – working as a team toward the same goal. Having two to three staff with longevity on each shift really provides continuity.”
QDDP, Forest City

“When someone new moves into a home, I do what I can to help them bond with staff and the others living here so they can feel at home and like part of a family… I know it’s a good day when I’m greeted at the door with a smile… For the most part, we are teachers and friends…I see it as my job to help them do all the things they are able to do on their own, just like everybody else… What does that take? Patience above all else.”
Direct Support, Forest City
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Community Friends

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Business Friends

“It’s easy to see how proud they (people supported) are. I could tell this was going to have a positive outcome from the first. Great coffee and great jobs for people who really appreciate a chance to work. I’m proud to be part of it.”
Charlie Good of Good and Quick, a retailer for Jumpy Monkey Coffee, in Nevada

“We like the coffee and like the idea that it supports such a great cause. Word of mouth has really helped, I think. It’s going really well for them.”
Assistant General Manager Brian Spears of Fareway, a retailer for Jumpy Monkey Coffee, in Nevada
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